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NOT [Noun]
mathematics logic A unary operation on logical values that changes true to false, and false to true
See also: a and changes false logic logical mathematics on operation that to true unary values

not [Adverb]
Negates the meaning of the modified verb
See also: meaning modified negates of the verb

not [Adverb]
To no degree
See also: degree no to

not [Conjunction]
And Adverb not
See also: adverb and not

not [Interjection]
slang Used to indicate that the previous phrase was meant sarcastically or ironically
See also: indicate ironically meant or phrase previous sarcastically slang that the to used was

not [Noun]
unary Unary logical function NOT, true if input is false, or a gate implementing that negation function
See also: a false function gate if implementing input is logical negation not or that true unary

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